Quiz: What’s the chance that my ex and I will get back together?

You have 10 points to start with:

1. My ex and I had been an item (or going out) for more than 4 months. YES: Add one point

2. I am clueless as to why my ex broke up with me. YES: Add one point

3. I never met my ex’s parents, siblings or old friends. YES: Subtract one point

4. I have had sex with my ex since we broke up. YES: Add one point

5. I have contacted my ex at least five times more than he/she has contacted me since the breakup. YES: Subtract one point

6. I have begged my ex to give us another change. YES: Subtract one point

7. We were fighting a lot when we where an item. YES: Subtract one point

8. My ex has contacted me at least once since the breakup to find out how I was doing and I have a feeling that he/she (still) genuinely cares about me. YES: Add one point

9. We broke up because I cheated on him/her. YES: Subtract one point

10. As far as I know my ex never cheated on me, and I didn’t cheat on him/her. YES: Add one point

11. Most of the time when we were an item, my ex seemed totally into me. YES: Add one point

12. My ex has attachment issues. YES: Subtract one point

13. I wanted to see my ex more often than he/she wanted to see me. YES: Subtract one point

14. My ex has a new lover or girlfriend. YES: Subtract one point

15. We have broken up and gotten together before. YES: Add one point

16. We broke up because one of us had to move or had to deal with a negative event that was unrelated to the relationship. YES: Add one point

17. The sex was amazing. YES: Add one point

18. It has been more than two years since we broke up. YES: Subtract one point

19. We have very different economic backgrounds, interests and hobbies. YES: Subtract one point

20. We are both 25 or older. YES: Add one point

0 – 5: Face it. It is extremely unlikely that you and your ex will ever get back together again. Cut your losses and move on with your life. Life without your ex may be very difficult for a while. But as time passes, you will feel less hurt. You can speed up the recovery process by going into therapy or by going through a training course.

5 – 10: Sure, there is still a small chance that you and your ex will get back together again. But don’t count on it. The chance is very small. You need to move on with your life and put your ex behind you once and for all. If one day your ex comes knocking on your door, you can always reconsider.

10 – 15: It is not unlikely that you and your ex will get back together again. But there are also some good reasons to think this may never happen. You need to stop thinking about your ex, and if you didn’t already, stop trying to convince him or her to get back together. In fact, stop contacting your ex altogether, unless he/she contacts you first. You need to give your ex a chance to actually miss you. You can only do that by giving him/her a break.

15 – 20: You can never count on getting back together with your ex. But your score is about as high as it can get. There is definitely a greater than average chance that you and your ex will get back together. But you don’t want to waste your life waiting for your ex to come back. So try to stay busy and have some fun, so you can get your mind off the past.

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