Brain Chemistry

Are You Addicted To Your Own Stress Chemicals?

The Secret About Brain Chemistry

How can you control something that others will tell you is out of your control?

Your stress chemicals feel like an attack to you. But you don’t have to put up with it. These bad guys are not just bad guys. If properly trained, they can turn into good guys that you can use as your little helpers.

But, in order to turn off the stress chemicals and turn on the pleasure chemical faucet you cannot just tell your brain what you want it to do. Like a teenager, your brain rejects everything you try to do to make it better. It doesn’t speak your language. You have to train it to do what you say.

Some of the brain training involves using your brain’s own reactions to your advantage. You can trick your brain into behaving the way you want it to.

Whether you obsess over a person you just met, a person you once were intimate with or an unavailable rock star,some parts of your brain have the same brain chemistry as a brain exposed to cocaine.

Obsessive love can lead to painful breakups that leave the heart and mind in shambles. There is an energetic residue left behind and the body stores the residue in the tissues. Symptoms in the body may include achiness, stiffness, lower back pain, shoulder pain, uncontrollable crying loss of appetite and social withdrawal.

By removing the toxic emotional residue that keeps the heartache in place and continually floods the body with stress chemicals, you can let go of past love once and for all . This is much easier than trying to fight with your own personal thoughts, feelings and created desires in trying to get over your breakup.

Finally there is a proven method to follow in order to lost love.

What is the best way to recover from your breakup?

The best proven method to get over your ex is to deal with both your body & mind.

You will re-establish the way you actually think of love, and also give your body a breakup focused chemical detox.

This easy to follow program has proven to be the most successful breakup recovery system out there. Once you think about love and relationships differently and stress chemical detox denies your body of cravings for drama, you will find yourself thinking of your ex less and less….naturally.

This is a great feeling!

Imagine having a clear mind, increased energy and better health -and not only that- but a new ability to turn your pleasure chemicals on when you want, even though it is difficult it is for you now!

You now think of your ex less often and on your own terms – or not at all. All this not because of understanding your brain chemistry and balancing your stress and pleasure chemcals.

The point is, you will now have the power to make the decision.

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