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Dealing with breakup pain: How to get over the end of a relationship

Tweet There is hardly anything that can hurt as much as the end of a valued relationship. You normally will experience the greatest pain if you wanted the relationship to continue. But even if you were the one to end … Continue reading

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Emotional Regulation and Avoidance Behavior

Tweet Psychoanalysis and talk therapy are effective approaches in resolving old emotional conflicts. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a different kind of therapy that seeks to break connections between memories of past events and negative emotion processing without seeking to illuminate the … Continue reading

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The Repetition Technique

Tweet In the 1960s Ian Oswald of the University of Edinburgh conducted a study intended to test whether people could fall asleep under extremely disturbing conditions. Three volunteers had their eyelids taped, so their eyes would stay open. Flashing lights … Continue reading

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Breakup Interview 1

Tweet Occasionally we will be featuring someone who recently suffered or is still suffering from a past breakup or related heartaches. This is the first interview in this series. 1) Age, sex, relationship status 32, Female, Single 2) How long … Continue reading

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Swearing can ease your emotional pain

Tweet If someone just broke up with you, chances are that you are spending more time in bed than usual, grieving the loss of the relationship and suffering from emotional pain. This, however, is not the most effective approach to … Continue reading

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Fill Up on Tryptophan to avoid a Serotonin Deficiency

Tweet If you have lost your appetite after a breakup, you may take this as an opportunity to lose a few pounds. If you need to lose weight, you certainly should think about making some dietary changes. But not eating … Continue reading

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Stress, Pimples and Gray Hair

Tweet Breakups cause a disturbance in life as you know it. It destroys your future plans and hopes. It takes away something you treasured. For these reasons, breakups can be major sources of stress. Breakups can be bad enough by … Continue reading

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