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The Anxious Attachment Style

Tweet People with an anxious attachment style are compulsive caregivers and overinvest themselves emotionally. It is as if they haven’t realized that it’s more impressive when others discover their good qualities without their help. They tend to idealize others and … Continue reading

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The Avoidant Attachment Style

Tweet The two types of insecure attachment style are also known as “anxious” and “avoidant.” The avoidant attachment style is a kind of deactivation of the attachment system. People with an avoidant attachment style tend to avoid close romantic relationships … Continue reading

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Is It Commitment Phobia or Love Shyness?

Tweet You fell in love with the wrong person. It was hard to tell whether he was truly interested. But there were too many signs of interest to rule out that he definitely was not interested. Yet he never made … Continue reading

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