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The Monster Study

Tweet A reader recently asked, what is the most horrible psychology experiment ever conducted? This is not an easy question to answer, because so many psychology experiments of the past were horrendous. These outrageous experiments motivated us to require approvals … Continue reading

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Reliving Two Different Pasts

Tweet This is me in January 2007 on my way back from a Broadway performance of Mammy Mia. Almost five years ago. My hair was longer, still had its natural color rather than the bleached look. My eyes dreamy. I came … Continue reading

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The Avoidant Attachment Style

Tweet The two types of insecure attachment style are also known as “anxious” and “avoidant.” The avoidant attachment style is a kind of deactivation of the attachment system. People with an avoidant attachment style tend to avoid close romantic relationships … Continue reading

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Is Romantic Love a Kind of Love?

Tweet There has been a tendency since the seventies to treat sexual and romantic love as different from true love, exactly because they can be, and often are, irrational. American psychologist and bestseller author Dorothy Tennov said about romantic love … Continue reading

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Little Albert and Fear Conditioning

Tweet Fear conditioning is an example of a process that leads to storage of emotional content in memory. John B. Watson and his assistant Rosalie Rayer’s experiment on 11-month-old Albert is a now classic experiment demonstrating fear conditioning. The experiment … Continue reading

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